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Friday, July 13, 2012

Combat Crossover: The Complete First Season

For anyone who has ever wondered: "who would win in a fight between Link and Cloud?" or "could Samus take down Master Chief?", be sure to check out Combat Crossover, my weekly feature over at vgutopia.com

Below you'll find links to all eight battles in the feature's first "season", and you can even still vote on the outcome of the season finale and tune in next week for the results!

For those of you who don't know about Combat Crossover; each week I take two video game characters from similar backgrounds and pit them in a mock "what if?" scenario in which they meet and do battle. I leave it up to readers and fans to determine the outcome by voting on a weekly poll that accompanies each battle and then I post a unique ending for the victor after the week of voting concludes.

You can read each battle for yourself using the links below and you can even come vote for the season finale which just went live this morning. Tune in next Thursday to see the results and keep your eyes peeled in the coming months as Combat Crossover's second season will be debuting in September.

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