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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do We Take Our Ability To Chat In-Game For Granted?

It has become almost a given these days that online games include some form of in-game chat function to help facilitate communication. MMO’s, online shooters, even popular MOBA and strategy games allow players to voice their opinions, thoughts and concerns with the simple press of the enter key or “push to talk” button. 

 Sadly however, the ability to chat in-game has also become a tool through which the less-amicable amongst the online gaming community can cause duress to their fellow players. Sexual and racial harassment, angry blaming and name-calling, even general mischief most commonly referred to as “trolling”, these and other forms of harassment have sadly grown rather rampant within certain gaming communities thanks to the ability to chat in-game and have, unfortunately, driven away many kind-hearted gamers from an otherwise fun experience.

This harassment is an unnecessary price gamers must pay when dealing with the whims of the online gaming scene. Despite the marvels of today’s games, nothing can ever truly prevent the trolls and hotheads from ruining a pleasant experience for their fellow gamers without also punishing the rest of the online community, both good and bad. So what can developers do to stem the tide of abuse and misuse that comes with the ability to chat in-game? How about treating in-game chat as a privilege instead of a right?

What if players had to earn the ability to chat in-game, either through voice or text chat, before they could communicate with their fellow players? Certain forum communities, many of them associated with games, already use a similar practice in which potential forum contributors must display both a firm grasp of the subject material as well as an understanding of proper forum conduct (a.k.a. good behavior) before they are granted access to the more popular forum categories.

If you had to earn the right to chat in-game, would you make a more conscientious effort to watch what you said? Would you see such a restriction as an unnecessary deterrent? Or could you see it as a sign that the developers are serious about creating and fostering a friendly and helpful community?

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